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Husband Wife Relationship Problem Solution

Husband Wife Relationship Problem Solution

Marriage is not only about two people getting married to each other its actually two families coming into relationship with each other. Now if because of some Husband Wife Dispute this relationship breaks, it not only effects the two individuals it actually affects both the families because those two individuals are actually carrying the responsibility of both the families on their shoulders. Marriage is one of the most important decisions of an individuals life, so a person thinks a lot of marrying anyone and it does not matter either he is a boy or she is a girl both thinks a lot.

There is no doubt that problems come in every relationship and being the most important relationship of an individuals life it is pretty obvious that there will be some husband-wife disputes between the couple. Lets first talk about what can be the possible reason behind husband-wife dispute and how can it can be solved so it does not become a big issue which will lead to separation of both from each other or in one word I can say divorce. So let us talk about the possible and most common reasons behind the husband-wife disputes-

1-Time taken to get ready-

It seems to be a very small reason but trusts me it is one of the biggest reason for fights between a husband and wife. Surely females take a lot of time to get ready and they look stunning after hours of hard work but sometimes they get ignored by their husband because he gets annoyed by waiting for so much time. This makes the wife angry and then finally it leads to a fight between them. So it looks like a small reason but it actually can be one of the reasons behind husband-wife disputes.

2-Money matter-

Money is the only thing in this world which can lead to a fight between anyone in this world. In this case, this mainly happens because of the income gap of both. This income gap can be the reason behind the mismatch sense of materialistic desires. In India, the mentality of people is that being a girl you have to be a housewife and the boy will be the one who will be earning in the family. But these days with the change of generation girls also want to earn and wants to be independent. So this leads to the mismatch of sense between them and then finally lead to one more reason behind husband-wife disputes.

3-Lack of passion and mismatch level of desires-

Everyone wants to live their life according to them. Both of them try to impose their decisions on the other and the other one does not like it. The biggest reason behind this is their desire to prove the superiority of one on another. This leads to the gap in thinking between both of them and finally lead to a fight.

4- Ego-

Ego is the biggest reason behind a husband-wife dispute not only in the case of a husband-wife; ego can spoil any relation. There are many ways which can raise ego between the couple. Like if one says that a particular work has to be done in a particular way and the other one raise a question that why I should do it as you say I will do it according to me. This raise ego between the two that how they are actually questioning my way of working. So in my opinion ego is the biggest reason behind husband-wife dispute between a married couple.

So these are some of the reason which can lead to a husband-wife dispute. Now let us talk about how it can be solved.

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The Best Way to Solve a husband-wife dispute is the involvement of family members to solve the problem. One more solution is that the couple should talk to them and solve the problem themselves. But sometimes these two method does not work and the couple decides to get separated from each other or I can say they decide to get divorced. Can you imagine this small husband-wife dispute can actually take the couple to court to get separated from each other? Yes, it can. So if these problems are not getting solved you can contact Molana Mohammad Adil Ali who is expert in solving husband-wife disputes. Molana Mohammad Adil Ali always gives a perfect solution for all your problems so that you never get separated from your lovely partner and always live a happy life.

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