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Ibadat is the reason behind our existence on the face of the earth. If a student heads to a western country seeking a PhD, and has no other goal than that, we say to him: The reason behind your existence in that country is getting your PhD, and anything serving that purpose is permissible, while, on the other hand, anything distracting you from it is prohibited.

Islam is built on 5 pillars

However, Islam is one thing and the five pillars are another thing. Pillars mean props only, but Islam, being a complete structure, comprises these props as well as other components, such as method, conduct, principles, orders, and prohibitions. This is Islam a very detailed way of life.

Ibadat is voluntarily

If you want to ace your exam, you should be firm in organizing your time: go to sleep early, according to sunna, and wake up early to study, given that the academic achievement gets doubled in the early morning as compared with the rest of the day.

Subdivisions of Ibadat:

Dear brothers, let us move to another topic and talk about the ritual and transactional kinds of ibadat.

Foundation of Ibadat

Faith is the certitude of knowledge, and thus if the whole population of the earth, the 6 billion people that populate it, disbelieved in Allah, you wouldn’t because your faith would be in every cell of your body, and in every drop of your blood, the whole and the only kind of faith –in Allah’s Glorious Names and His Sublime Attributes, in the Hereafter, in angels, in books, in Prophets, and in bad and good fate as coming from Allah the Almighty.

Another concept of Ibadat

We have practices in worship considered as a common denominator amongst us, for instance we should all perform prayers (Salat) the first ritual worship and as said: there is no good in a religion without prayer the pillar of this religion, and he who performs it builds this religion and he who leaves it destroys this religion.

Prayer tops all acts which bring you to Allah, and it is the best of acts of obedience, in addition it is the believer’s ascension to the Lord of heavens and earth. We all share performing this worship (Salat) and it is the common denominator amongst us. We all fast, we all pay our Zakat when our money reaches the curium, and we all perform Haj when one of us is rich and capable. Nevertheless, there are ways of worship

The Quranic Analysis of the Suffering of the Muslim Community

Why do Muslims fight with one another? Why do the feelings of hostility and hatred run so high that they lead to bloodshed? This is an enormous problem and the subject of numerous worldly analyses; but what about the Heavenly analysis of this phenomenon?