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Everyone accepts Muslim astrology because of the credibility it has achieved. Everyone is eager to know more about their future .If the astrologers can correctly guide them with their predictions then they can have a peaceful life. That is what everyone wants and in most instances Muslim astrologers and Muslim astrology acts as final resort for the people who are in search for their future. Love, Finance, Marriage along with other life problems can be resolved with the help of Muslim astrology and these are the factors which make Muslim astrologers so special.A Maulvi (priest) in the presence of close family members and relatives conducts the ceremony. In orthodox Muslim communities the men and women are seated separately. The 'Walis' (the father of the bride and of the bridegroom) play an important role in the ceremony. The Maulvi reads selected verses from the Quran and the Nikaah is complete after the Ijab-e-Qubul (proposal and acceptance). The boy's side proposes and the girl's side conveys her assent. The mutual consent of the bride and groom is of great importance for the marriage to be legal. On the day of the Nikaah that the elder members of the two families decide the amount of Mehar (nuptial gift). The Mehar is a compulsory amount of money given by the groom's family to the bride.

Muslim Astrologers use astrology tactics to love marriage by Dua, love marriage by Ibadat, and get love by ilam for solving the problems of people. Prediction about the future is not an easy task and it requires an experienced and skilled astrologer. Molana Mohamad Adil Ali is world’s famous muslim astrologer and we provide his services for your bright future. Astrologers believe that everything on this earth are linked together like destiny, karma, fate and fortune.Dua, Ibadat and ilam are used by Muslim astrologers very carefully to make your wishes get fulfilled. It is because if not done properly they can adversely affect the person who is doing it and it can create lot of problems. So better get to Muslim astrologers and Muslim astrology where you can love by Dua, get love by Ibadat, get love by ilam in a safe and healthy manner. Muslim astrologers provide you the solution of your love related problems by Dua. Love by Dua is a powerful tactic of Muslim astrology to bringing back your love within few days. By dua your lover is under your control and loves you and never leave you. Dua is also help to achieve success in business or career.

Love marriage by Ibadat is also an important service we provide. Love marriage by Ibadat is a tactic in Muslim Astrology which gives you the protection and makes every difficult situation easy for you. Ibadat is a medium in astrology by which we can ask Allah to forgive us for all wrong things which we have done in our life.

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